Vestiarium* is a utopia – a dream of a world in which each garment is regarded as a collectible that perfects one’s wardrobe. But a collectible that’s used all the time – day after day, year after year. A collectible that is so carefully designed and fitting with the rest of the wardrobe that one doesn’t necessarily need so many of them. A collectible that has so little to do with fashion and so much to do with interesting design that it looks fresh still after years. A collectible that is produced by skillful professionals with so much love that it makes one feel good.

Vestiarium clothes are produced close by in a small atelier in Tallinn. This enables us to produce only what our customers want and need, eliminating excess and surplus use of resources. It also enables flexibility to ‘make to measure’ for responding to the individual needs of our unique clients. And moreover, it enables us and our customers feel good, knowing that the people who make our clothes are treated well.

We use high quality - mainly European, mainly natural fiber - materials. We pay special attention to easy care – most clothes are machine washable, and many are ready to wear after washing and just hanging to dry. Most of our prints are our own design, inspired by the obvious or odd beauty of the world. Like Indian flowers, Lappish moss or graffiti spray in garbage bins in Helsinki. These prints are digitally printed by an Italian fabric house.

A perfect wardrobe is a dream that can become reality. Step by step. That’s why we founded Vestiarium. To do our share for making dressing well easier, more enjoyable and ethical.

To offer slow fashion for speedy women.


Camilla and Tiina

*latin for wardrobe.

Camilla Mikama is the designer and creator of the Vestiarium collection, previously known as her namesake collection Camilla Mikama, which she launched in 2009, soon after graduating from the distinguished Lahti Institute of Design. She has also done various freelance projects during that time. Her design process usually begins with a shape, surface or a technique rather than a trend or a phenomenon, which makes the designs timeless. She could easily wear a dress every day, and therefore strives to offer enough of them to cater for each and every one of You!

Tiina Tissari, the co-founder of Vestiarium, has worked in the high tech industry for more than 15 years. She knows by heart how hard it sometimes can be to have a challenging job, two small children and various other interests. That's why she’s passionate about finding ways to prioritize the most important aspects of life. Unique designs and carefully made clothes inspire her greatly, but since there are also so many other interesting things in life, she aspires to make dressing well fun and easy - for herself as well as for You.